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    Default Chicago-area internist?

    Do any Chicago-area moms have a doctor that they absolutely love? I have an OB/GYN but I'm in need of a PCP/internist. I live in the near burbs but would be willing to travel into the city for a good doctor.

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    I have been pretty happy with Dr. Heather Heiman at Her office is not super convenient for me especially right now so I may eventually switch. But if I can hang on till DS is in school, I would keep her. If I switch I will further investigate this doc who I have not been to before:

    Carlos M. Reynes, M.D., Integrative Therapies, Ltd., Physical Wellness Center, 7756 W. Madison Suite 8, River Forest IL 60305. 708-771-3471.

    Do you have specific issues or requirements for a doc? I have also been happy with all of the osteopaths I have seen, but I can't recommend my last one because appointments with her were so hard to get as it was a teaching facility. Dr. Heiman is pretty easy to get an appointment with but she does not have full time office hours, IIRC.

    Can you share the name of your OB/GYN?

    DD: 6 YO
    DS: 3 YO

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    I love love love my PCP... I think a lot of what I like about her comes from her being a DO and not an MD. (main office location is in the northwest burbs, Buffalo Grove)

    Here's the link to the list of doctors within the practice. Look for Irina Goldvekht.

    And taken from their website...
    1. What does “DO” mean?

    “DO” stands for “Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.”

    2. What’s the difference between a “DO” and “MD”

    Both are equally qualified physicians. Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine are fully licensed physicians with the same amount of education, training, and licensing requirements as MDs (formally known as “allopathic” physicians). DOs specialize in all areas of medicine and are founded on the “whole person” treatment approach to medicine. Both MDs and DOs focus on preventative healthcare, the rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment of acute illness/disease, and effective disease management. For more information on DO physicians, click on this link to the American Osteopathic Association website:

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