Does this count? I pumped (hand pump) in the bathroom during a U2 concert when my daughter was 8 days old. Bought the tix the day before my BFP and no way was I not going! But I didn't want to bring her, so I had to pump twice during the night to keep up with her one week old schedule.

As for nursing, I've done it everywhere!! I nursed my newborn son while he was getting heel sticks to test for jaundice because he didn't cry when that happened. I have nursed on a furniture display in a store, on city park benches, airplanes, everywhere.

As for NIP, I am all for nursing covers. I am NOT comfortable NIP mainly because I get uncomfortable when other people are clearly uncomfortable. I know it would be nice to say "That's your problem, not mine!" but alas, I am a people pleaser. I have nursed everywhere