My daughter has been in underpants now for over a month.
She wears a diaper at night still but we're not rushing anything.

I was just curious to see if anyone else has the same situation.
Our daughter does not go to the potty between 9am and 1:30pm.
She drinks just as much and she eats fine but she says she does not have to go potty.
She'll potty sometimes at 1:30pm before naptime.
Otherwise, she doesn't go to the potty until 3pm.
When she does it's a large quantity and we can guarantee she poops within an hour.
It's as if she pees and poops in the later afternoon only.

I'm not too concerned as it seems to work for her, she doesn't seem dehydrated and she's not doing the pee pee dance or what not.

For awhile we tried asking her to sit in the potty for 30 seconds even if she didn't feel like she needed to go before lunchtime but nothing.

Just curious to see if we are the only folks dealing with this.