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    Default Please Help..

    Hello all my fellow brides to be, current brides and what have you.

    I found 2 perfect gowns at David's Bridal. 1 for $850 (galina signature) and one for $1000 (vera wang). Going by the advice in the great Bridal Bargains book by our hostess, I researched online to see if I can find it cheaper from one of the china resellers.

    I found a website (, where I found the galina for $125 and the vera for $160. I am so shocked and I am wondering if this website is legit.

    Has anyone ever used this website and is it trustworthy? All reviews would be welcome.

    Sidenote: Why are we so surprised and hesitant when we find a good deal but dont really want to pay the full price? lol

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    Default Did not think it was possible to find a dress at this price...

    I did not want to spend a fortune on my dress and searched far and wide for a designer dress that would not break the bank. I also did not want one that looked outdated. Finally, I found this unexpected site that listed a number of gowns from online retailers. Although I had to do some alterations, I was happy with my purchase. Try looking on: Some are well over 50% off and mine turned out to be less than $200 (excluding tax and shipping). It is a special day, but should not make you bankrupt. Best of luck to you!

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