My 21 mo old DS is hitting constantly, lately. Now, I recognize that there are a couple of issues that are making it particulary worse right now. (He's cutting teeth, going through a growth spurt, and has a nasty cold right now).

However, regardless of the things going on this week and last, he has increased the instances of hitting prior to being sick, and I'm just not sure how to curb this behavior. We generally try to do ~1 min time outs, ask for an "I'm sorry" with "nice touches", followed by a hug and kiss to whomever he hit.

But its just not helping much. I know that he's too young for impulse control, but at the same time it is not acceptable to hit daddy when he's trying to get the orajel just because DS wants mommy to give it to him.

This is complicated by the fact that DS is particulary prone to hitting DH because he wants "mommy" all the time. It used to be less of an issue if I wasn't around, but lately DH reports that it doesn't matter.

For example, DS wouldn't hit DH in the morning when DH was getting him ready for the sitters, because I had already left for work and wasn't in the house. Now, it doesn't matter that I'm gone. DS is hitting DH regardless.

Furthermore, I realize that the most ideal way to handle/diffuse a situation like this is to redirect DS. However, how do you do this when he's hitting because he doesn't want you to change his diaper, or some other "non-negotiable" thing?