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    Default Updated: Auditory Processing Disorder Testing

    Update: DS had his testing yesterday. Update in Post #6

    Has anyone done testing for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), either for yourself or for your DC? Can you tell me about the testing? What did it involve? How long did it take? How much did it cost and did your insurance cover it?

    DS is getting this testing done in a couple of weeks. I've been wanting him to have this test for years, but the audiologists all told me the youngest age they test at is 7. (DS will be 7 in a week. ) They told me the appointment will take about 2 hours and will include a regualr hearing test, the APD testing, and a review of the results.

    DS has made a lot of great progress over the years, but verbal language processing is still an area where he has a lot of difficulty. He still relies heavily on scripting ang prompting. DS knows a ton of scripts, so people who do not know him well think his language skills are more advanced than they really are. If you deviate from the script in his head, he really struggles to respond appropriately.

    We are hoping that APD testing will give us some insight into his problems with processing verbal language.
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