We're looking for a double stroller & my sis in law bought a P&T double- a jogging stroller, but she doesn't jog. They love their stroller, but a jogging stroller is pricier than a standard double. What am I missing here? Are they easier to handle? More durable? More comfortable? For those non-joggers with a jogging stroller why did you buy a jogging stroller?

Also, saw the Mountain Buggy duet - due to come out in Jul 2011. with a width of 25" & a side by with both sides reclining.... Looks really good to me. Is this a jogging stroller? Anyone know of the weight? I'm 5'2 & have a hard time getting our single stroller into the trunk. I swing that thing around to get some momentum to shove it in the trunk!

Any suggestions similar to the MB Duet?