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    Default Double stroller: A jogging stroller for a non-jogger??

    We're looking for a double stroller & my sis in law bought a P&T double- a jogging stroller, but she doesn't jog. They love their stroller, but a jogging stroller is pricier than a standard double. What am I missing here? Are they easier to handle? More durable? More comfortable? For those non-joggers with a jogging stroller why did you buy a jogging stroller?

    Also, saw the Mountain Buggy duet - due to come out in Jul 2011. with a width of 25" & a side by with both sides reclining.... Looks really good to me. Is this a jogging stroller? Anyone know of the weight? I'm 5'2 & have a hard time getting our single stroller into the trunk. I swing that thing around to get some momentum to shove it in the trunk!

    Any suggestions similar to the MB Duet?


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    In our area we know a lot of people who have jogging strollers who don't actually have a runner in the family. When I'm not super-pregnant, I enjoy running with our jogging stroller, but I also really love it for walking - it's really comfortable to push due to the fact that it has very little resistance. I think that's what draws the non-joggers to the jogging strollers. They're usually pretty rugged and sturdy, but push very easily and have a very smooth ride. And the larger wheels are especially nice if you live somewhere where you don't just walk on smooth pavement.

    The down side is that they tend to be much larger and bulkier than non-jogging strollers, so they might be harder to maneuver in and out of small spaces and small trunks... but we know a lot of people who have our jogging stroller who have never run with it.

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