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    Default Sun cabana -- twins

    Anyone have suggestions for a good sun cabana or tent for twins?

    I have 5 month old boys who are long (28 inches) for their age. Also have a 2.5 year old. Would like to spend some time outside this summer in the yard and at the pool and need a shelter from the sun for the little ones. And I'm sure big brother will want to be in there some too. Prefer something that has a cushioned base as the poolside is concrete and I'd like to be able to nap them in it.

    Any ideas?!?

    (Also posted in "around the house". Thanks!)

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    I was browsing the One Step Ahead catalog last night (as my brainless activity of the day) and came across a sun canopy and thought of you. I have NO idea about the quality of their stuff never ordered from them before), but this might give you some ideas:

    You could put something like that on top of those foam play mats.

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