I have a question about an upcoming baby shower for friends who adopted a newborn boy. Their journey has been long and they are over the moon to have finally completed the process. Their family is throwing a baby shower in a couple weeks.

I keep a stock of cards for b-days, graduations, baby showers and sympathy at home, so I don't always have to run out for cards. I checked my baby shower cards and I only have one left, but am not sure if it is appropriate.

On the front it has a picture of a blue onesie and says, 'He is onesie lucky baby.' On the inside it says 'and you are twosie lucky parents.'

I think it sounds almost perfect, but I have no idea if it would be in any way offensive. Maybe I am over-thinking this. I obviously need more cards for my stash at home so going out to get one is no big deal. Just asking for advice, since I am not very close with them and don't know many people who have adopted. But I have known the father my whole life. TIA!