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    I think it's fascinating, but it seems like most people I know the baby "waits" until the mom is in the best place. I know that isn't always the case, but I think it's interesting. A family member had twins and she was expecting to have them a month early just b/c twins often don't go full term. She is a professor and ended up finishing up the semester and her water broke that night!
    This is more or less what happened with me (although I can only wish I was a professor ). I finished up my last obligations for the semester and went into labor that night. DD was born on the last day of the semester. I consider her my perfectly timed little academia baby. I was 4 days past my EDD but had been telling everyone she was due the day she made her appearance.
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    With DD1 I had planned my end date to be at 4 pm (my regular end time) on a Thursday because the next day was a state holiday. I went to the dr. on that Thursday morning and I was 4+ cm dialated. I went into work finished up a few menial things (my work was getting reassigned), and then left around 12 noon. DD1 was born at 37 w 6 d (four days after that appointment).

    With DD2 I was off for a week prior to having her.

    Two weeks prior to my due date was when I wanted to leave work with both children. Had I not had that flexibility then I would've worked until the end. Drink lots of water, and get lots of good sleep, and lots of exercise and that will help a bunch. With DD1 I started having contractions while in yoga class, and with DD2 I went to the gym 12 hrs. before my water broke.
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    I think the biggest reason is that when you are stressed out, and you don't feel "at peace" your whole body and all of it's functions tightens up. Hormones don't shift. But when everything is done, in it's place, you are content and at rest, your body will release itself and open up.

    This is why when women are in labor, it's really a good idea to only have supportive people around them, that they feel comfortable with. Otherwise it will stall your labor. Even the stress of being in the hospital with doctors and nurses coming in and out will stall a labor. Leave a mother alone to be at peace with someone she loves, and it's amazing how her cervix will relax and quickly dilate. Just one more reason many moms choose homebirth.
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    I spent the last week of my pregnancy just waiting... I canned work at 41 weeks, just was too much!
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    DS did not wait! I went into labor 4 weeks early the night before I was supposed to stage manage a very large concert at work. I had to call in reinforcements and it all worked out, but I refrained from taking on any large, stressful projects at work in the last trimester of my next pregnancy.
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