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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnieW625 View Post
    I would do that with no problem at all if it made me feel better and less nervous about people thinking you are pregnant. With DD1 I had my 10 yr. high school reunion three days after I found out I was pregnant with DD1. It was easier for me to have a single beer there and a glass of wine at my parents house. With DD2 we went to my parents house over labor day weekend I had a few glasses of wine there over the four days we were there. I didn't stress out about it.

    Just do what you are comfortable with. Congratulations
    ITA. I had a half a glass of wine at a work function early on with this pregnancy because I wasn't ready to tell and they would have been suspicious otherwise. No guilt here! FWIW - and I wouldn't use this as an excuse to drink when pregnant, of course - my OB says you would have to drink at least two drinks per day for more than two weeks to even begin to worry about FAD.
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    I was in a similiar situation, but I wasn't asked to bring the sangria (how cruel). I just went with the old "My stomach has been upset" excuse. Congrat on your pregnancy!

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    I was just discussing this with mama friends the other day and we all handled it in a variety of ways:

    -Play the DD card
    -"I can't drink because of a medication I'm taking" (nevermind that the medication is a prenatal vitamin, will likely make them think you just have a UTI.)
    -"I'm cutting back on liquid calories"
    -offer to get other people refills so they never think to refill your glass
    -"We were up late last night so I'm going to take it easy today"
    -Walk around with a fruity drink in a short glass with a lime or lemon on the rim
    -At public events let one friend in on the secret and have him/her order your drink directly at the bar. Cranberry juice w/ sprite, sparkling water w/ lime, etc.
    -Pour a glass half full and nurse it thoughout the event, have DH take sips if needed or trade drinks, buzz around so you aren't near any one person long enough for them to realize what you're doing (or not doing)
    -Bring a mixed drink to a party w/o any alcohol, let people add their own, and then just don't add any to your glass

    All that said it's likely no one will notice.

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    Your plan sounds ok to me. I have used the excuse of being on antibiotics or of being really tired and need to be alert the next day (for work functions). But carrying around 1/2 a glass would work too. Or say you are really hung over and can't drink any more. :-)

    People pay less attention than you think, as long as you don't make a big deal about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by momm View Post
    I would try to carry a non-alcoholic drink in a glass that looks alcoholic.
    If that's not possible, I would go with your plan except for the sipping (NOT judging you or flaming you). I would spill some down the sink and carry it around half-full

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    Didn't have time to read though all the answers...but a drink or two (spaced throughout the day) is probably fine. I know I had at least 2-3 beers at a cast party before I knew I was PG with DS.

    My personal way of dealing with similar situations (just because sometimes I prefer to not drink) is to order/drink something non-alcoholic that looks alcholic. In your case, maybe you could have a stash of non-alcholic sangria to sip. I personally like to do a mixture of cranberry & orange juice, or just cranberry juice. It can be mistaken for any number of alcholic drinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L'sMommy View Post
    Ok, so we have a family function to go to tomorrow. Usually at family functions, if there is alcohol, I am always drinking. I'm only 6 weeks along and don't feel it's appropriate to tell family that i'm pregnant (i have had 2 early miscarriages before). BUT if I turn down a drink they will all know something is up. Not sure what to do. And they asked us to bring the beer/sangria to boot!!!!! I'll probably get flamed for this but I was thinking of walking around with a sangria with lots of ice and taking just a sip or two?? And hopefully no one will notice it's still the first glass 4 hrs later.....
    sounds like a good plan if you ask me. Couple sips won't hurt, or just walk around with gingerale in a champagne glass?

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    I didn't realize I was pregnant with DD2 until 9 weeks and I had wine and beer during early pregnancy until I found out and she is fine. I didn't have a sip of alcohol once I knew.

    With that being said, if I knew I was pregnant, I would never drink. I like the idea of carrying around an alcoholic looking beverage that isn't really alcohol. No one would know the difference unless you pointed it out.
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    I was at an event when I was newly pregnant, and I carried around a glass of wine, and dh took sips when no one was looking...and we'd often exchange glasses to make it look like i was making progress.
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    1) Orange juice passes easily for vodka orange.

    2) Ginger ale cut with seltezer or 7-up looks like a white wine spritzer.

    3) Coke looks the same with or without rum.

    Tales you can tell:

    1) I promised DH I would be the Des Driver so he could cut loose.

    2) I have to be up early to go yard saling, volunteering, new work out group whatever tomorrow.

    3) I have a migraine setting in and don't want to make it worse.

    4) I am going low carb and that means no booze.

    5) I have a bit of an upset stomach and am going to stick to seltzer.

    6) I got too much sun today and think I better sit this one out.

    7) I am on antibiotics and can't imbibe.

    8) I have a canker sore in my mouth and the alcohol is killing me.

    9) I was drinking earlier and already hit my limit, you must have missed it.

    10) DH says I get too wild in bed when I drink and I promised we'd have sex later.

    I told the kids at work that I have a little tummy bug and that is why I have been puking lately. A little tiny bug in my tummy.
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