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    For the last two weeks I have had every early labor symptom in the book. I am 37 wks tomorrow so glad this baby is finally "full term". I thought I had no problem going the full 42 wks if this baby decided to be late but man is it getting hard to even function. I'm grateful my body is doing SOMETHING but wow is this painful and tiring. Anyone else close to the end? Or just ready to be done?

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    With DD1 I was ready to be done at 37 weeks, but I had been told 2 days prior that I was already 4+ cm dialated so I thought I was ready to go at 37 w 3 d when I started feeling like I had to pee every 20 minutes and later that evening I started getting very light contractions. I ended up having her at 37 w 4 d.

    With DD2 I was comfy going into week 38, and really I think had my dr. not done an internal measurement at the appointment I most likely would've made it into week 39. My water broke 7 hrs. after that appointment and I had DD2 the following day at 38 w 6 d. DD2 did give us a bit of scare a few weeks earlier (35 w) when her heartbeat wasn't strong so my OB sent us over to be evaluated and then my labor started because I'd had a pedicure (forgot about the leg massage) earlier that day, hadn't eaten dinner, or drank much water so honestly after that I was just glad she decided to be born 3 weeks later (and not the day after DD1's birthday).

    Good luck!
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