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    Default First Birthday Gift for a boy

    I am trying to find a first birthday gift for a friends son. They have a 2.5 year old daughter who has close to every toy imaginable. I'm not kidding. They have two HUGE playrooms full of toys.

    I was going to get him the Step 2 Workbench, but I noticed the age listed is 36 months - 7 years. Initially, I thought it would be ok since he would eventually use it. It can be stored in the basement until he is ready for it.

    He doesn't need clothes and mom isn't giving me very many hints...would you be annoyed/irritated if your one year old rec'd a gift they couldn't use for some time? Is there a toy/item I am missing?


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    For that age I often give a $2 huge ball and a restaurant gift certificate to the parents.

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    What is your budget (I'm assuming $50 or less given what you were considering)? Do you know what toys they already have? We were sort of in the same situation--we have lots of toys for DD who is 2.5 yrs older than DS so when it came time for his 1st birthday party I'm sure some of our friends might have felt the same way.

    I would probably look for gifts he can use right away or within a year at most. The workbench he might be able to use around 2, but the pieces might be choking hazards.

    You might want to look at more "boyish" toys like cars or trains or construction things that they might not have already for their DD. While we did buy vehicles and a train set and even a little workbench for DD (I made an conscious effort not to get her only "girly" toys), she never did play with them all that much, which was a little disappointing. DS on the other hand, loves playing with those things. He gets so excited when he sees cars or trucks and is always saying "toot toot!" or "beep beep!" or imitating a siren. So you could give him some large Hotwheel type cars or a dump truck or a book about trucks or planes.
    This is DS's absolute fave book--he picks this one every time!:
    This is another good one that we have:

    One of the gifts he got for his birthday was a fire truck and he plays with it all the time--he loves to push fire trucks and dump trucks around:

    On the other hand, DS does like to play a lot with the kitchen stuff and a baby boy doll (that I bought for DD when I was pregnant with DS). He loves to carry around his "baby". So you might consider a little boy doll for him if they don't have one.
    This is the one we have:
    Maybe something like the Corolle Calin boy doll?

    Another option is a ride on. You can never have too many ride on toys!
    We have this one at home:
    This one was left out at one of our local parks and gets a lot of attention from the boys:
    This one looks cute and I've considered getting it for DS:
    They also make a fire truck version:

    What a thoughtful friend you are. Good luck finding something--hope this helps!
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    I often give books or sometimes for families with everything I'll give a cute piggy bank & stuff it with some cash.

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    something personalized, since the sister has everything?
    a really good quality hooded towel w/ his name on it?
    The quality from here is really great (I think I learned about it from here)
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellbennt View Post
    something personalized, since the sister has everything?
    a really good quality hooded towel w/ his name on it?
    The quality from here is really great (I think I learned about it from here)
    I second the recommendation for hooded towel, my DS got one of these for his birthday and we love it!
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