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    Default Anyone spotted for days at a time (perhaps TMI)?

    I posted recently about ultrasounds in the first trimester....anyway, I've been spotting now for 12 days straight (it's brown). No pain, no cramps. I'll be 7 weeks on Friday. OB says there's nothing we can do and that it's old blood...she didn't seem to be alarmed/concerned too much. Said just to keep thinking positively that everything is ok. U/s and physical exam showed nothing abnormal. Even if it's old, why is it taking forever to leave....and where is the "old" blood from anyway??? With my first, I spotted a few times thru the pregnancy, but it would last maybe 4 days max. This seems highly unusual. I just want it to stop!

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    With #1, I started spotting around 8 weeks out of the blue. It was brown as well. OB said as long as I didn't have cramps, not to be alarmed. She nicely stated my uterus was cleaning up and making room.

    It was a big bummer for me though. I was ready for no pads for awhile.

    It did stop though around 10 weeks.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yes, but you're not going to like my story. I spotted for weeks in the early parts of all three of my pregnancies. For my first two pregnancies, the spotting finally ended when I miscarried at 10 with the first and at 8 weeks with the second. For the third (my DD), it developed into a subchorionic hemorrhage, so bright red blood, then resolved at about 13 weeks and I had no further spotting/etc until right before I went into labor.

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    I spotted after an US with DS1 (crinone combined with transvag US irritated things in there). It was not much. Just a little for a day or two IIRC.

    With DS2 I had a dating US around 8-9 weeks and they saw a subchorionic hematoma on the US. They told me I might spot a bit, and I did about a week later. It was fine in the end, but I was worried at the time.

    SCH is not uncommon and some women bleed *heavily*. Thankfully, most of the time the pregnancy continues just fine.

    Hopefully everything will be a-OK.
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    I spotted with my first throughout my whole first trimester (I think--maybe longer). My dr just told me it was normal and everything was fine. And it was!

    No spotting this pregnancy though. Who knows why it happens sometimes, but I wouldn't worry.

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    I spotted with my first & I went to my OB (who did an u/s and thought it was fine when he saw a heartbeat).

    I hemorrhaged with my 4th for a good 2 weeks with cramping and everything. That baby will be 1 next month. I ended up having a fairly large SCH which resolved itself at 24 weeks (but not before tripling in size and scaring the living daylights out of me).

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