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    Default Update: S/O Would you eat homemade Mayo?

    Sorta related to the foods you're avoiding thread...but inspired by MIL.

    DS has food allergies though he's outgrown soy. It used to be that we couldn't eat Mayo because every brand we could find had soy in it. Now that isn't a problem but MIL forgets this. She wants to make homemade mayo for DS' birthday party.

    The recipe calls for pasturized eggs and yolks, but I don't know if MIL will actually get pasturized eggs.

    I'm 29 weeks. DS is 2. Would you eat homemade mayo? Would you let your 2 yo DS eat it?
    UPDATE: Some days DH deserves a gold medal! He emailed his mom and said with me being PG we can't have raw foods like eggs and fish. She said she totally understood and wasn't really thinking. We reminded her that now that DS can have soy...most store bought mayo is fine for him to consume and gave her a few options of brands we know are safe.

    I'm just glad to not have to get into this with MIL...she means well, but sometimes I feel like I'm constantly correcting her efforts (esp with DS allergies)...which I know she finds frustrating. At least she makes the effort...
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    If they were pasteurized yes. But if not, no. ETA and no if I was pg.
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    I make homemade mayo and LOVE it! I would eat it.

    Edited to add - I missed the pregnant part - I would probably skip it!
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    I love homemade mayo, but if I were 29 weeks and my child were 2, I'd have a heart-to-heart with MIL and tell her about my concerns.

    And, no, I wouldn't eat it. Not right now.

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    Not if I was pregnant, and not for a toddler either.

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    If I was confident the eggs were pasteurized, then I would and I would let my DC.
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