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    Default Comfy Chair or Desk?

    My MIL suggested buying my DD a desk for her room on her 6th birthday since she'll be starting K in the fall. While I like the idea of a desk in her room, I don't think she'll use it that much and I can see her doing any homework on the kitchen table.

    I'm thinking a big, comfy chair would be better so she can snuggle in it to read.

    But will a desk come in handy later? What to get - big, comfy chair or a desk?

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    We got my daughter the Expedit with the desk surface last year when she was around the same age. I like that she has 16 cubbies to cram stuff into. I often hear myself saying "You have 16 cubbies! Pick up your room."

    She doesn't really do homework there much yet, she will study her spelling lists. She does draw a lot at it and write stories, etc. Mostly "before bed" type stuff, which I'm totally fine with. As she gets older, I foresee more homework done there.

    She has a funky bean-bag also in her room where she reads, and occasionally falls asleep!

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    I just got my DD a desk (just turned 8) and she LOVES it! She now has a dedicated space that is just hers for writing, art projects, keeping her markers, etc. I wish we had gotten it sooner. We got just a table top with 4 legs from IKEA - it was about $20. She decorated it herself with Wallies. So far this summer, she has made several books, tons of art projects, written letters, done workbooks, etc. The best part is that it is all hers, not the dining table that she needs to clear off for dinner, etc.

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