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    Default DTD positions while big and preggo (TMI)

    I'm not sure if this is considered TMI for this forum - if so I won't be offended if it's deleted .

    I am just wondering how DTD is going for others' who are now big enough where the stomach is in the way. I'm now 6 months and at that point. Our positions are limited and so DTD is tapering Just curious how things were doing in this area for others'.

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    Well...for DD1, the pelvic pain was SO bad from 6 months on - NO position was comfortable, even for a few minutes. So DTD just didn't happen. Poor DH.

    With DD2, the pelvic pain was much less and DTD was much easier. Towards the end, it was comfortable to lay on the bed (on my back with a pillow) perpendicular to the way you lay to sleep - so legs are hanging off the bed - and have DH standing. But our bed is high, so that worked. No pressure anywhere, which was helpful.

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