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    Default DS is turning 2 next week! Gift suggestions?

    I cannot believe my baby is turning 2 already!

    It's getting really hard to buy for him, because he has the hand me down toys from his older brother and sister--yet he has played with them already so much that he is bored. Walking around the house wining, looking for something to do. Ugh.

    We have Little People, Duplos, board books, puzzles, play kitchen, balls...all your basic play things.

    So! Bring on the suggestions!
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    You might already have something like this, but we got Ds (who just turned two) a little play tool set...even a "real" drill/screwdriver, and he loves to run around the house "fixing" things.

    He also really likes playing with the Little Tikes Grill set that we got for him (seemed more manly than a play kitchen and MUCH cheaper/smaller!).
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    Might I recommend a stick, rock and pitcher of water?
    That seems to be all my twin boys play with these days.

    ETA- they just got the Y bike from costco. It's a beginner balance bike...much easier to ride because of the wide back tire, but still requires balance. If the amount of fighting is any indication then it's pretty fun.
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    I got a Wheely Bug (large one) for my 2 year old DD bday last March and it has been played with everyday by her and my 4.5 year old DS.

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    I got mine a Strider.

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    The Little Tykes grill is a great idea. My parents have one, and DD (and
    my nephews) loooove to play with it. Its really like a mini kitchen- has a sink, a burner, a cabinet, and the grill. And like PP said, its not too big.

    I'm assuming you have a Cozy Coupe, right? What about a cute slide- we have the Little Tykes one and it gets a lot of use.

    Is he into play-dough (or should I ask- are you? ) A nice set of fresh play dough and tools might be fun.

    I'm trying to think what else DD plays with a lot, but she is mostly obsessed with dolls and everything that goes along with that.

    The other idea is to get something personalized for him, since you mentioned a lot of his toys are from his siblings. How about one of those books where the main character is your child? Would he enjoy that?
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    DH just ordered DS (turning 2 on Thursday. *sniff*) a toy Stihl chainsaw, brushcutter, hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves. DH cut some trees for MIL this past week and DS was fascinated. DH is sooo excited to give DS his gift. Oh, who am I kidding? So am I! I'm also loving the Little Tykes grill! Too cute! DS also got a bubble mower from MIL for his party at her house. The bubble aspect is worthless (fisher price, fyi) but it sounds pretty realistic and he is loving it.

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    My two year old is obsessed with the toddler basket ball hoops.

    He also gets excited about new duplo sets. We have duplos to play with but he sees T getting sets of legos and he was thrilled to no end to get a similar box with a fun camper set inside.
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    My son started playing with the small automoblox cars at around 2 years old.
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    My DD2 turns two in early September and here's my list of possible presents (and I'm so happy I have enough suggestions to offer all of the ILs!)
    -- Twilight Turtle
    -- small table and chairs
    -- Big wheel
    -- small wooden workbench and tool set
    -- toddler basket ball hoop
    -- duplos (we have the smallest set and I think she'd like more)

    We really want to get her a balance bike but she's about two inches too short for the smallest we've seen.

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