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    Default Overnight Nanny/Sitter Pay Help Needed

    I am looking for recommendations, thoughts, suggestions on what I should pay my nanny to watch my 4 year old ds overnight for two days. The nanny has opted to watch him at her house instead at our house. Of course I also plan to send groceries supplies for meals/snacks and give her money for incidentals for him that may be needed. So fire away with any thoughts. We will be leaving early on Thursday morning and returning probably around noonish on a Saturday. So would be just over two days. My biggest question is should she be paid a per hour rate for the entire time we are gone including her sleeping hours? She is a young summer college student nanny.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    My professional nanny charges a slightly reduced rate for nighttime hours. Specifically, she charges $20/ hour normally--for out of town time she charges a 24/7 rate that works out to be $15/hr. So really it's about 1/2 price for those night time hours.
    My children do STTN, but they are still young enough that with mommy gone some night time wakings wouldn't be unusual.

    I'm curious what others have to say too. I LOVE my nanny (she is 1x a week for the past1.5 yrs) but it so hard to pay that much for a weekend away.

    OH, I see you are new here. Welcome. FWIW, no one posts over here in the toddler forum. Everyone just posts in the other section. If you don't get many responses that is probably why and you might want to post your question over there too.

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