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Thread: Found my dress

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    Default Found my dress

    I found my dress, I just have to have it made. I'm obsessed with phantom of the opera and I'm going to use Christine's masquerade dress from the Broadway play, but I will have the seamstress or tailor make it white and pink instead of pink and purple. I'm happy with this decision because honestly I'm scared to hit the bridal shops and I'm only going to spend time there looking for a dress similar to the one I want to have created. I thought having a dress created was going to be expensive but the fabric should be cheap, the piece is simple so it shouldn't be labor intensive and no alteration fees will be needed since the dress will be created to my measurements. This is my first post but I'm looking forward to swapping tales with other engaged women on this forum and hopefully I'll have many ideas to share since I like to bargain hunt.

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    Sounds like a nice idea for making a dress, do keep us updated and do upload the pics of the dress.

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