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    Default Toddler bedroom ideas


    Our DS is now 2 years old and we want to transition him to a bed by December. Furniture in his current room is from Ikea.

    I want to skip getting a toddler bed and get him a twin bed.
    We will consider Ikea again but are open to other options.
    I saw a few nice beds at Room & Board and are considering Riley Bed

    Does anyone have any experience with this bed. It is many times more expensive and we will have to pay extra for safety rail.

    Does anyone have any mattress recommendations?

    How long can a toddler stay in a Twin sized bed?

    His room size and 13 x 16 so there is plenty of space for any sized bed.

    Are there other brands in similar price range $750 that we should consider.

    If they can stay their for many years we might get the Room & Board bed.


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    Default twin bed.....

    Not sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but I know I was in a twin bed until I graduated from college!

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    No experience with Room and Board but DD has this one from ikea.

    It is surprisingly sturdy and low to the ground. DD has it in full. We have to rails/guards. She hasnt fallen out yet.

    I think I was in a twin until after I graduated college. But if you have the room, I would go bigger. There's more room in the bed for siblings, cuddling, etc.

    We got our mattress at Costco. It was very reasonably priced and convenient.

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