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    Default cheap double stroller for small car, tall parents.

    We've decided that we really want the Bob Revolution Dualie to enable me to get back to running after baby #2 is born. We've been loving our Bob Revolution single stroller with our now-2-year-old son, which meets all of our needs beautifully... and we expect the duallie will do the same, save one fatal flaw: it will no longer fit into the trunk of our car (1996 Honda Civic).

    Since most of our long walking/running is in our neighborhood (and the life of the Bob duallie stroller will eventually extend into the hopeful addition of future kids which will necessitate moving up to a minivan sometime in another couple of years anyway), that's totally okay... but we will need to get a second double stroller for use in other destinations (city, zoo/museum, airport) while we are still a two-kids-and-honda-civic family.

    So, we're looking for a secondary stroller that is:
    - inexpensive! It's okay for it to be rather bare-bones since it won't be our primary stroller.
    - folds compactly enough to fit into the trunk of our car.
    - holds a toddler and an infant, in an ideal world accommodating our Graco SafeSeat 32 carseat for the first couple of months.
    - suitable for taller parents (5'9" and 6').

    Any ideas? I really don't have any other preferences - side by side is okay, one kid in front of the other is okay, sit and stand is okay. Really, we just want a cheap minimalistic secondary stroller that we can throw in the trunk of the car and not worry too much about.
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