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    Default Clek Oobr for broad 5 yo? or other recommendations?

    my 5yo DS is very blocky - 50 lbs, 44". not squishy, just wide. we have leftover parkways from my twins, and he can't even squeeze into them - and that's with summer clothes on. so we're considering the clek since it looks boxy. i'd love to go car-seat shopping, but the selection is limited to what's in stores at target, etc. so i'm thinking of ordering from amazon since they have free returns.

    any thoughts on the oobr for wide kids? i like the latch, the space around the armrest for maneuvering the seatbelt... i don't mind about the heavier weight since we won't be switching cars often. (i have a sienna - he'll be in the middle row).

    are there other boosters that are suitable for wide kids, considering winter gear, etc.?


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    I'd look at the Monterey.

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