My son recently turned 1 year old, and I feel I'm ready to begin the weaning process. He doesn't seem to feel the same, but I've had a very hard time pumping these last several months while I'm at work and I need to at least start to drop the afternoon feedings. He takes a sippy cup of breast milk and formula both fine at daycare, but when I try offering him a cup during the day he'll drink about one ounce and then want me to feed him. I can't go back to a bottle, as we're moving away from that.

Also, I am very confused about how to go about this because I have always breastfed on demand, so I don't have a feeding schedule per se. I am trying to follow the daycare's schedule as much as I can, i.e. breakfast around 8am, lunch at 11am (though this varies with his naps at home, which are also different than at daycare), snack around 3pm, and dinner around 5:30pm. I decided a few days ago to try to not breastfeed in the late afternoon, so I dropped one that might occur between 2-4pm. Well, he didn't like that much and cried until I held him and basically held the bottle for him and coaxed him to drink more. Now he has had a cold for a few days so basically I've reverted back to feeding him on demand at that time, I know I'm weak. I would like to start trying this again once he's better though and don't know what to do. I also would like to get him to drink cow's milk, but he doesn't seem to like it much, so I'm trying to do half formula, half milk in a sippy. I would love to only be doing the morning and bedtime feeds by December.

Any suggestions? To complicate things, his naps are still changing a bit, so the morning nap could take place anytime between 10-11:30, and I'm still basically nursing him until he's drowsy for naps. I would like to get him to nap on his own, but I've been too chicken to do cry it out for naps. So...I guess I have to feed on demand around that time for now. Thanks so much in advance!