does anyone have a problem with the seatbelt locking when you undo the seatbelt to take the child out? when it's retracting, if it doesn't go back all the way (and i mean ALL the way, even out of the shoulder strap guide on the booster headrest), then it locks again when it's partially retracted. the only way to fix it since it's now shortened is to remove the seat from the car and slide the seatbelt off. slightly a pain since we just got the oobr, which is latched in place.

the car manual says if it gets locked to gently pull on the seatbelt and release, but i pulled pretty hard, short of breaking the seatbelt, and it didn't release. i have a toyota sienna fwiw.

any tricks to getting the seat belt to retract so the kid can get out, but still be able to leave it in the belt guide on the booster head rest?