Our DS slept in his big boy twin bed last night for the first time.
His new room only has his Ikea Kura bed and not other furniture.
His bed is upside down so the platform is touching the floor.
We also have a canopy for his bed.

The room has a fan with a ceiling light.

When we were at Ikea they had star lights and a wall mounted lamp that were under the canopy of the bed. They looked nice so we bought a few. However I am trying to think if it make sense to install these lights. Due to canopy the ceiling light does not reach the bed. He is only 2 years old so he usually does not look at books on his own. These lamps will have to plugged in to the outlet under the bed. I also bought Kidco outlet covers but I am concerned about safety. The lamps may get warm. I will probably have to buy a remote for the lamps so we can turn them off without disturbing my son.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.