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    Default Market Day

    Our school uses Market Day and while our family doesn't do a lot of pre-packaged processed food (dd with food allergies) I wondered if there was anything that was worth purchasing?
    I thought that perhaps I could just buy the vegetables and fruits for my dd's since we do use frozen vegetables and I throw an occasional fruit cup in their lunch boxes. Sadly, I'm not normally a deal shopper (I'm here for your personalities, not the deals!) so I don't even know if I'm getting a good buy or not!

    Does anyone shop Market Day and can offer any input?
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    I had never bought anything from Market Day until DD had a cookie fundraiser at the end of the year last year. I bought snickerdoodle and m&m and they are frozen individual cookies that you just pop on a sheet and bake. I was skeptical but they are actually good, and great to be able to just pull a few out at a time. Other than that I don't friend swears their pizza is good.

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