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Thread: ebay dresses?

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    Default ebay dresses?

    Ok, so I have been spending a lot of time today looking at dresses on ebay (mostly from China) and I wanted to know if anyone had dealt with the following users and/or shops and tell me who's legit, who's not, who's not worth it, all that good stuff. I'm a very young bride on a very tight budget, and I don't want to buy my dress online and have to get another because something went wrong! Please tell me if you've heard of these users or these shops and let me know! Thanks!

    -get-cute bridal and beyond

    They all have a 97% and above rating, but I just wanted to make sure!
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Also, I have been looking at tiaras and may take a look at veils on ebay. Anyone I should be aware of, or any recommendations?? Thanks!

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    Default China gowns and US tiaras and veils

    I ordered my daughters dress from ebay seller "zhyabin1987". We found a dress at a bridal store that she liked, sent pictures of that dress, as well as some from the mfg. website, along with all of her measurements and they made it from there - delivered to my CA home for $169. After I ordered this, a friend used the same seller to make her daughter's prom dress. It was a nice dress, though too short for my daughter (who is very tall). Something about the length got lost in the translation. Anyway, the seller agreed to remake it for free - after I shipped it back. During the shipping time, my daughter found another dress on sale (though $400 vs the $169) here at a store - so we cancelled the remake - and the seller refunded my full purchase price! So, we will never know if it would have been correct - but I trust that it would. The prom dress was beautiful. I would use this order overseas method again if you have plenty of time - we started about 4 months in advance and felt pressured when we were down to only 3 months before the wedding when we sent it back. (It took a month for them to make it, vs 4-5 mo. for bridal shops).

    We ordered her veil on ebay from a US seller - "Member id decorativepillows" - we stayed in US due to ordering just a few weeks before the wedding. It was beautiful - they added some extras to their design per our request. Fast service, reasonable prices (so much less than bridal stores), and a nice veil!

    We ordered her tiara from a different ebayer - "calev*508" - again, reasonable price, great product, very responsive seller - did a good job at following up after delivery to make sure all was well. We had her do the ivory pearls (vs the standard white) and they looked great.

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