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    Default Photo album for kids

    Any suggestions on a cute photo album for kids? I don't want a babyish one but not a giant heavy one either. My DD has a lot of printed photos from her school and we will be moving soon, so I want to give her a book of photos of our old house and her friends from school. I know I can do one on Shutterfly but a lot of our pics are already hard copies from friends, plus I want her to be able to add as she goes... any ideas?
    DD - 12/07
    DS - 1/11

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    I make albums for DC using those very inexpensive small albums you can get at Target and Walmart and places for $1-$2. They have a soft cover and hold 4x6 pictures. They are a great size for small hands and can be taken places without a lot of trouble.
    Like these:
    DS 5/26/05
    DS 5/12/07 our angel
    DD 4/8/08

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