Sorry, this may be late, but as someone who's been through this...from the other side (I was the pregnant girl giving up the baby) I would recommend this key item.

Have the baby's (minor) father adjudicated, then have his rights terminated as well as the birth mother's rights terminated.

This protects you and the child from having one of the birth parents come back at a later date and try to claim parental rights.

When the child's father is adjudicated he will be appointed a child advocate (because he is a minor). The mother will have to testify to the fact that he is the father. The adjudication is the process of establishing the birth father legally as the birth father.

Then have both birth parents rights terminated.

In my state both of these things happened at the same time as the placement hearing for my son. Even though it was my aunt and uncle that adopted him (or maybe especially because they adopted him) we thought it was critical to have our rights terminated. It protects the child from being torn from his home in the future.

If this advice is in time...I hope all goes well. If it isn't, maybe it is worth contacting an attorney to see if this can still be done.

Best of luck.