Hi all,

We have the drop-side version of the Renew Standard crib by Rockland, bought from JCPenney. It's now time for our 2 year old to move to a "big girl bed" and I think I recall that the crib converts to a "toddler bed" (i.e. take the front off the crib). The new version with the stationary side does not convert, and now I'm wondering if I'm not remembering correctly.

Also, DH, God love him, bought rails from JC Penney to go with the crib. I asked him to buy a single toddler bedrail to stop her from falling out of bed. What we received in the mail today was a Full size set of rails. He said he got them specifically from our crib's page on the JCP site, but I can't find it. Does anyone know if our crib converts to a full bed?

I'm sure all of this info is in the crib's user manual, but that is with the crib, beneath the sleeping toddler, so I can't look now, and I can't find it online either.

Thanks for reading and for any information you might share with me!