I've recently begun researching double strollers and I am pooped! I just need some advice from other mommy's out there in my similar situation. I have a 2month old and a 3yr old (she turns 4 yrs old in January). My 3yr old weighs 32lbs and is about 38inches tall. Right now I'm leaning towards the BJ City Mini. I'm also interested in the Maclaren Twin Techno.

For those of you with the city mini, can you get around fairly easily at the mall? Our strollers will mostly be used at the supermarkets, malls, and parks. Do you think there will be an issue with such a drastic weight difference (in either of the strollers).

Lastly, are there any other models you recommend? I recently checked out information from the ABC Expo (thank you StrollerQueen), and I saw A LOT. But I only got more flustered. In any case, there are some new models coming out next year.

Maybe I should wait until January to purchase a double stroller? Any advice will be appreciated.