DS is 22 months old and is showing signs that he is going to attempt to climb out of his crib fairly soon so we are wanting to convert to a toddler bed. I am stuck on how to toddler-proof his room. We need to keep a video monitor in his room, which is high on a wall shelf so that we can see him in his crib, and the cord hangs down to the outlet. So what can we do about that? Are there video monitors with cameras that have batteries?

We already have a baby gate across his door. At his age, is there anything you can do to teach him to stay in his bed? He's the type that gets into everything so most likely he will get off his bed and trash his room. I am expecting that we will have to remove his dresser.

What about books and toys? Do you keep a basket with stuff in it for them to use, or keep it in their bed so that they aren't enticed to get out of bed to get these things? He is a VERY active sleeper and moves all around his crib so this makes me nervous in regards to falling out.

I just am not ready for this yet....his crib is his last "baby" thing!

Is there anything I am forgetting, or advice, etc that I could use? Thanks!!