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    Default Mini Cupcakes - Purchase vs DIY?

    I went to a bridal fair (mostly to see what I should avoid), and had the good luck to meet an amazing baker at Room for Dessert in Monterey, Ca ( She is incredibly talented and affordable, if you happen to be in the area ($200 for a three-tiered cake). She gave me some wonderful advice: if you decide to have cupcakes, consider mini cupcakes. Not only are they cheaper, but people tend to prefer them. Many people won't eat a cupcake unless it comes on a plate with a fork, and some people don't want that much cake. Bonus: mini cupcakes don't require a plate to eat! One less item to rent/buy. I planned on making 4 batches of cupcakes for my wedding, but now I'm considering 2 batches (96) of mini cupcakes placed on a cupcake tower for about $50 total in supplies.

    Has anyone considered DIY dessert? Any tips on decorating? Most people I talked to are horrified at the thought of the bride making her own wedding cupcakes. My fiance prefers my baking to most local bakeries and definitely doesn't want to spend a few hundred on a cake.

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    No experience baking for my own wedding, but I would only consider it if you're comfortable making the cupcakes in advance, freezing them, and then thawing and decorating the day of. Both my husband and I prefer my baking to most of the cake bakeries around here, but honestly I can't imagine having had the time/energy to bake for my wedding. I considered paying for the food to be a totally worthwhile cost so I didn't have to deal with it. I really think that making 96 mini cupcakes the day or even the day before your own wedding is going to be crazy, unless you're having a *super* low-key wedding.

    If you're ok with serving previously frozen cupcakes, I'd say go for it! Make up the frosting the day before, toss it all in a giant pastry bag, and pipe it onto the cupcakes (or have one of your bridesmaids/family members do this part).

    ETA: Just wanted to say that I wouldn't frost/decorate them in advance, since frosting can get funky in the freezer, and I would strongly recommend piping the frosting, since the tops of thawed cupcakes for some reason are more prone to sort of lift off if the frosting is spread.
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    Default Great!

    Go for it! And if you want some of the world's best cupcake recipes, I would suggest They never fail to amaze me! I love baking, and have been doing it since I can remember, and this has some of the best cupcakes I've ever tasted.

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    I love baking so so much and bake regularly! But still I donít think I will bake for my own wedding. Considering the time and effort a good cake or numerous cup cakes take, I wonít be able to provide any of them.

    Thanks tommygirl300 for the link, I will definitely try them.

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    I say go for it! If you are up to it and have the time, do it. I am have a friend do our cake for us. She is doing a 4 tier rainbow layered inside cake with turqouise fondant and hot pink cherry blossoms cascading down with black ribbon on the bottom of each teir. She is doing this for us in lue of her bridesmaid dress. A cake that size could easily run $300+ and her dress is $100 so we figure we are doing good on that one! She is also flavoring it mocha with a tiramisu mousse filling. That is my fave dessert.

    I hope your cupcakes turn out fabulous!

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