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    Smile Looking for a QUIET safety gate for room

    We've got a 4yo and 2yo and one on the way in May. We had DD and DS in their own rooms previously, but recently moved DS in with his sister. She sleeps in a bed, he's still in his crib. We'd like to start transitioning him to a bed so that he can use the trundle bed and the crib can be used for the baby. When DD was younger, we had a Kidco gate at her room door that worked great. As she got older though (and was potty trained), we ended up taking it off because every time she would open the gate to go potty, it would inevitably SLAM closed. She gradually became pretty reliable though, so it wasn't a problem taking it off. Now that DS is with DD, we will need to put a gate back up so he isn't wandering around at night. I'd like to use something a little more silent so that DD can still go to the bathroom at night and not wake up her brother and baby sister in the process.

    Any suggestions for a new gate or maybe some mods that people have done to their existing gates to make them a little quieter?


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    Would something like this work? Assuming she's taller than he is you could put it at a height where she could reach it but he cannot.

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