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    We still have all our stuff up, but we didn't have a whole lot to actually proof. We did outlet covers, slide locks for the cleaning supplies, toilet roll saver, baby gate in kitchen, and stove knob covers. We tried the oven and fridge latches with DD1 but they didn't work. We still have everything else up. We use rubber bands for the DVD player although DD2 now when she wants to watch something takes them off now and brings them to me. We briefly got rid of the toilet roll saver once DD1 was potty trained, but it came back when DD2 started crawling. We also moved the baby gate from the kitchen to DD1's bedroom door when she was about 2 so she couldn't get out of her room when she was suppose to be sleeping. I need to add some locks to our snack cabinet because our DDs are notorius for trying to get in there.

    We have a large tube tv that sits on a tv stand and it must weigh 75 to 100lbs so I never felt the need to strap that. We have an oval shaped coffee table, and no fireplace.
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    My son is almost 3 and we still have outlet covers and the kitchen sink locked up. Everything else is gone. I'll probably keep them there for many more years, just to be on the safe side.

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