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    Default Stroller For Twin Infant Seat Options

    Ok after much reading, and visiting my local BBB I think I have narrowed down my options on what I could use at the beginning where I just want to have capability of something that both infant seats for my twin dd's would fit on, but wanted to see what feedback folks had. *I really not a fan from what I have read, heard, and noticed when I tested out the Baby Trend Double Snap N Go in BBB, but did like the City Select's stroller frame to use as the same idea as a Snap N Go. *My hope would be to find a used one, so if anyone has any good ideas where to find one be open to that too? *So really using for frame not actual stroller seats. *I have Graco Snugride seats by the way if that helps. *Thoughts?

    Also don't think the Britax R-Ready will work for two infant seats, but I know many seem to prefer it over the City Select so thought I would also see what feedback folks had on that?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Let me put my flame suit on first

    I loved my double snap n go. It enabled me to quickly get out to the grocery store to grab essentials in a 30-min door-to-door trip without waking the babies up. I know about the whole "don't leave your infant in the infant seat if you don't have to" but with multiples...I say it's allowed for a 30 min grocery store or other errand trip a few times a week when babies are newborns/infants and you are desperate to get out of the house to buy coffee, and you need to do it quickly and easily between feedings.

    OK, let the flames begin!!

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