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    Default Peg Perego Car Seat Help Needed

    I currently have two Graco Snugride 22's that I was planning on using for my twin dd's due in June, but now considering switching to Peg Perego seats since was offered an awesome deal on a Peg Perego Duette stroller which only takes Peg Perego infant seats. So now need help on what Peg Perego seat I should get that is similar to what options the Graco Snugrides offer.

    Look forward to your feedback.


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    Is the stroller a regular twin stroller that you can also use with the infant seat? If so, since you already have the graco seats, I'd consider just getting a double stroller frame to use with the carseats. I got one off of Craigslist for around $25 when I was pregnant with my twins. I had to buy new seats for my boys and I looked at the perego seats but they were so heavy empty.

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