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    Default New high chair for 2 years 9 months old


    Our DS1 has been using Svan chair in mahogony color for over 2 years now. We like how it looks like a piece of furniture and its modern look.

    DS2 will turn 5 months old this month. When he turns 6 months old we will give the Svan Chair to him and are looking for a new wooden chair for our toddler.

    Our short list is:
    Trip Trapp High Chair
    Keekaroo Height Right High Chair
    OXO Tot Sprout Chair

    They are all similarly priced so we are comparing for ease of use and durability.
    The chair has to be stable as my toddler is very active. He has never tipped the Svan Chair. Even though we like the Svan chair we want to try something else for our second chair.

    Are there other chairs we should consider? Which of these do you like more?

    Let us know if you are aware of any deals especially on Trip Trapp as currently that is the leading contender.


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    My family really likes the Keekaroo that I bought for DGD2. It has lots of the same advantages as the Tripp Trapp but was quite a bit cheaper. I saw it recently when I visited and it definitely looks like regular furniture. DGD2 is young enough that the jury is still out on tippiness but so far, so good.

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    We also really like our Keekaroo, and I would and probably will totally get another one. DD is 2, and loves climbing up/down the chair herself, pushing herself back from the table, as well as doing all sorts of mealtime acrobatics, and I've never worried it was going to tip. (We have hardwood floors; I imagine it might be tippier on carpet/etc, although I suspect the same would be true of any high chair?)

    I might've considered a Tripp Trapp more seriously for an older child: I think that the tray attachments on the sides of the Keekaroo are slightly more noticeable that I'd like (although it just occurred to me that you could just not install them if you weren't going to be using a tray). Since we used it from the time when a tray was super helpful, the Keekaroo seemed better all-around for us (cost for all the infant add-ons, especially), but if I were getting *just* the highchair, no tray/infant inserts/etc, I might consider a Tripp Trapp more seriously.

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    No experience with the others you listed but we also like the Keekaroo and haven't had any issues with stability. I haven't used it with the tray.

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    We also got the Keekaroo b/c it was much cheaper than the Tripp Trapp. DS likes it and we've been very happy with it and it is not tippy at all (at least not on our tile floor).
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    I thought the Keekaroo felt cheap. I would look for a Trip Trapp on Craigslist.
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    I have a Kinderzeat (precursor to the Tripp Trapp) for my 3.5 year old DS. I would buy another one if needed. It's the perfect transition seat.

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    Love our Tripp Trap chairs. Very sturdy, never tipped by our monkey climbing 2yo or our 6yo who is calmer but bigger.

    I expect Ds1 to use the TT until he is 7-8 years old, easily. He is small for his age but its such a great seat that it could fit a much bigger kid.
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    I have two jr chairs from Ikea and I really like them. Both kids started using about the age your child is now. DS is almost seven and still sits at one at the dinner table.
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    No specific high chair advise, though I do like the Ikea jr chairs Sarah (katydid1971) posted - I just wanted to chime in that your DS might not want to sit in a high chair as long as you'd like...

    Both of my DDs transitioned to using boosters at 18 months to 2 years (their choice, not mine )...and by 2.5, wanted to sit in "regular" chairs. Not having access to Ikea, we bought a Kaboost instead. DD#1 used it until between 3.5 and 4, and DD#2 is using it now:
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