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    Quote Originally Posted by daniele_ut View Post
    I looked at them side by side and really didn't think the Keekaro felt cheap. The Tripp Trapp with the baby set and the tray would have cost $350 and I managed to find the Keekaro with tray and infant insert for $150 after a coupon and some rewards. The Tripp Trapp does come in a greater variety of colors and might be a bit better quality, but I didn't think it was worth an additional $200. We just got ours yesterday so only time will tell, but it definitely looks nicer in my kitchen than the big plastic FP chair I had with DD!.
    That is good, maybe the one I saw at the store wasn't put together properly, plus it was 2008 or 2009 so I think there were somewhat new at that time as well. I hope you enjoy your new chair. I was buying it for DD1 at the time (early 2009, she was almost 3 then too) so I didn't need the tray (although my main gripe is that that the only after market Tripp Trapp tray is $90, and that might have been nice for DD2 when she insisted on eating in it when she was just over a year old) and I got it from during their 30% off sale so I got mine for $175. I would not have paid much more than that for that as well.
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