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    Default UPDATE:how do you choose stroller colors?

    Update: i'm now looking at my green and gray BJCM. it is so pretty and i love the colors. thanks to those who said to go for the color i loved. i can't wait to take it for a spin

    this is sort of a silly question
    i think i've decided to get a BJCM 2011. of course i can get the super cheap ones from that are mostly black with either blue or fuschia accents. i was planning on the blue (to be more gender neutral), but then i see the green/gray one. it would be about $30 more, but i love that color combo. i am worried about it showing dirt though. does anyone have this color? i might go for it if i could keep it pretty clean. also, we live in a pretty hot climate, so i think it would be cooler in the summer.
    that is the green/gray one
    that is the blue/black one

    any help appreciated!!
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