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    Default angel care monitor

    Does anyone have the angel care monitor? Which one do you use and do you use it for a baby who sleeps on their tummy?

    Does it work in a pack n play mattress or only crib mattress?


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    We have the regular AngelCare monitor (not video) in blue, same as this one: Our baby never slept on her tummy, though I don't think that would be a problem, as long as your baby stays on/near the sensor pad.

    I doubt that it would work in a Pack n Play, unless you layer it with a flat surface first: pressed board, then sensor pad, then Pack n Play mattress. It *might* work then, but I'm not sure. You would have to play with the sensitivity levels to see if it picks up movement. We actually had to do that with our crib anyway (use a flat surface/pressed board), since ours has a spring frame. We even had a foam mattress (the Little Dreamer) and the baby monitor worked perfectly. No false alarms. Very happy with our monitor.

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    We used ours in a Pack and Play but had to put a board underneath the matress. Worked great with our little tummy sleeper.
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    We also used ours in a PnP without problems.

    What I didn't like about it was the awful sound quality, lots of interference, but this was back in 2008 it may have been improved since then. Ours stopped working right so for DD we got a new one, but we got the basic one, and will be using with a better sound monitor.
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