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    Default Cover for window crank handle?

    We have floor to ceiling windows. They have cranks to open and close. We removed the handles of the window cranks, but there's still a big screw. The baby comes around and sucks on the screw all the time. I can't get her to stop. I'm not a huge fan of the sucking, but more importantly, I'm concerned that she could fall on the screw and hurt herself. Is there a plastic cover that I can place over the whole thing? Does anyone know? Thanks.

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    I might be tempted to put a piece of cardboard over it with painter's tape ( no residue)

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    We had the same problem when DD was younger. We were able to replace the cranks with a flat piece from Lowe's. We found it in the drawer pull aisle, I think. Or maybe with other window cranks, etc.

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