Another suggestion for the next edition would be to encourage brides to find any wedding books or magazines at the library (or rent from other libraries through inter-library loan networks) instead of buying them.

I tried not to spend too much time looking at the magazines because I knew that ultimately they're just trying to sell me their sponsors products, and when you're buying a $6 magazine you're bound to study it to feel like you got your money's worth out of it. So instead I'd breeze through the library copy a few times, scan any pictures or articles I wanted to keep, and then returned it.

With most of the books I looked through, each only had a section or two I really wanted to see. Again, I'd scan what I really wanted and return the books. Some DIY/crafty books I'd rent out multiple times, but that's okay.

Funny note - my library must have some tracking data that encourages it to buy certain books once its patrons have rented a book through inter-library loan frequently enough, because once i re-borrowed Bridal Bargains through inter-library loan a couple times, my library soon had it's own copy! I try to be a good neighbor and not monopolize the copy, but it's hard not to!

Thrift shops are also a good place to find bridal books and magazines. Once the wedding's over, few brides have any reason to keep those books they bought.