I'm in the process of domestic adoption right now and I've heard the horror stories about getting the nursery all ready and then something happens and the birth mom changes her mind.

I don't want to paint the nursery and decorate and then something happen....at the moment the plan is for the baby and I to go on a visit to grandma and grandpa's down the street for a few days while the men of the family paint the nursery. Does anyone else have a better idea?

I've decided to get the car seat, stroller, packnplay, and some essentials just in case I get a call and have one week or less to prepare, but is there anything else I should get?

I have a huge extended family and I know the baby will have more than one shower, and I planned on registering for things for a child 4-12 months since the baby will already be here when the showers happen, is that a good plan?

Thanks so much for your help and advice!!