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    Default FP healthy care high chair versus ez clean?

    We have very few options for seeing these in real life, so I'm having a hard time deciding! I was able to see the ez clean in our local store, and love the feel of the fabric and the straps. Wondering if there's something extra special about the healthy care (since I've seen it get such great reviews) that would make it a better choice-- and is the fabric a woven nylony or more slick/plasticy?


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    We have the EZ Clean Tan Circles High Chair and love it. I think the EZ Clean is just a newer high chair for Fisher Price, the Healthy Care have been around for a few years. I like the more modern look the EZ Clean has, blends more with our kitchen. Both get great reviews...I remember not wanting to get the EZ Clean at first, based on amazon reviews, because parents of infants kept saying that they "didn't think a grown child would be able to fit, but otherwise a good chair" until I read more reviews, of parents with toddlers whose reviews said the chair was great, and surprisingly fits their toddlers.

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