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Thread: Which bouncer?

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    Default Which bouncer?

    When DS was a baby we borrowed a bouncer for our downstairs gym and laundry area but they had another baby so don't have that one anymore. I want to buy another one that's not too expensive, any recommendations? We have the Fisher Price rainforest bouncer upstairs and a FP swing for upstairs too so I just want a simple one for when I'm doing laundry or using our home gym.

    I was thinking of this one:

    But then I saw this one:

    I love the idea that we can use it much longer but I'm not familiar with this style. Is it safe? As comfortable for a baby as a regular bouncer?

    What do you think?

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    I would just carry my bouncer around the house with me, outside, etc. I have the FP Rainforest. My DD loved it. If you are going to get a second, I would get the kind that allows you to hang your own toys off of it. My friend had that, and I think DD would have liked that when she started to interact with toys.

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    i would get the second, the ability to use it to 40lbs and have it rock and vibrate looks cool
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    My ILs had that infant seat that changed into a rocker (an older version of the 2nd one you linked to). Both my kids used it and liked it at their house, but weren't able to use it until they had a some head control. When we tried it when they were newborns, they really slumped in it and didn't seem very comfy (they wouldn't fall asleep in it or sit in it happily for more than a few minutes). Both my kids were a little early and on the small size (5-6 lbs), so that may have been part of it too. Later on it was a good seat for them and they used it well beyond the bouncy seat stage bc it turned into the rocker. They liked to sit in it with a book or snack when they were toddlers.

    My parents had one that was similar to the 1st one you linked (different colors, but FP and same shape), that they were able to use comfortably from the time they were born til they were starting to sit up.

    So I would say it depends on how and when you want to use it...

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    Both my parents and us had the second model you linked to- though older style. Infant to Toddler Rocker.

    It was great! DD used it until about age 3 as her little chair in the living room- so we got 3 years of use out of it!

    For infants- it had a kickstand that would prop it up higher for the infant phase- and it had a little bar to bat the vibrations.

    Definitely a good buy!

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    I wouldn't get the second one, because I have a 2 year old who would love to sit in it. She actually has the Mousie version now but that is strictly DD3's seat and not for the baby. I'm getting a Rock n Play for the baby which also has vibration and is also high enough so my 2 year old can't step on the baby's face.

    ETA: I actually specifically bought the rocker for her because she was using the infant car seat as a rocking chair. I bought her this to have something of her own to sit in and put the car seat away so she can forget about it by the time I'm due.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly Mom View Post
    I would get the kind that allows you to hang your own toys off of it.
    Do you know of any examples of this? Sounds like a great idea, but I haven't found any yet with this feature.

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    The second one doesn't really bounce, and we found that our babies really wanted to bounce. We had the Fisher Price Kick N Play bouncer for DS1 and DD and now have a Rainforest one. I'd recommend it highly.
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    The Rainforest is great with the lights...I think that keeps babies interested more than the soft toys.

    I also had the Bright Starts auto bouncer and it's very cozy for a newborn and she would fall asleep in it easy. I used that one for naps and the Rainforest one when I needed to put her down and have her entertained.
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