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    Default Keep the nap nanny or no?

    DS does have reflux and we LOVE the rock 'n play sleeper but the Nap Nanny which I was thrilled to find used for $30 has just not impressed him. We have a cradle swing, the crib, and the Fisher Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper. DS is 2 months old. Is there any chance he will suddenly start enjoying the Nap Nanny or should I just go ahead and re-sell it? We have a serious lack of space and this thing is kind of a pain because of its big footprint.

    If your LO started using the NN after 2 months please speak up!!
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    I'm on a serious purge mission right now, so I would not keep it. I recently sold over 100 items at a consignment sale and have sold at least 30 more on swap in the last few weeks. My Rock N Play is already sold to a friend who will need it in August and the swing will not be far behind!
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    Well my first LOVED it, but we didn't get it until he was 2 mos old. It was a lifesaver for us. i don't think he had reflux but he did spit up a lot and he HATED lying down flat. he went from sleeping 20 min intervals to sleeping 2-3 hrs at a time (we tried swaddling but he hated it from day one). He always napped in the NN until he was 7 mos and then he got too big/mobile...though occasionally we would use it when he was sick/congested.

    We kept it around for DD, but despite being a much fussier newborn she wasn't into it that much...i don't think she had reflux at all (even as a nb, she would only spit up once or twice A WEEK..though she was a cranky baby until abt 3 mos). we had more luck with the swing..DD napped in a swing until she was about 5 mos.

    and $30 is an awesome deal! i guess what you can do is store it away in a closet for another few weeks and try it out then? if not you can sell it on CL. We sold ours for $60 on CL when DD was about 1yo, but we would have sold it sooner if i hadn't procrastinated about it so much.

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