Hi. I am trying to train my 33 month old daughter. She is showing signs of being ready and has been for a while. She does not initiate potty use but she will go sit when asked. She has peed on the potty a few times but with no regularity. Several times while sitting she has almost started crying and saying she needs a diaper. She was holding herself and squirming like she had to pee so I asked if we could count to 10 then be all done. After a few seconds she started to pee. She was very excited and was smiling and laughing. My husband and I gave tons of praise and hugs and she kept sayin she was so happy and a big girl. Since then no luck! She will sit and read books and sing songs. We keep her on for about 5 minutes though sometimes she wants to sit for longer.
She will often hold herself and squirm and not pee. I did look into if she had a UTI but she didn't have any other symptoms. She can tell you where she should pee and wants to go in with me. She gets excited and praises me. She has no problem flushing the potty.
We tried taking diapers away and just did underpants and in three days she has one success. So we web back to diapers but still ask her to sit on tue potty throughout the day.
Sorry for rambling. It has been a crazy few weeks. I am hoping that someone has some advice or anything that might help us out.